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A Blast from the Past

Check out this throwback from February 2014. Well before Deb decided to write her book, Branding Is Sex: Get Your Customers Laid and Sell The Hell Out of Anything. Did we see the future? http://blog.solmarketing.com/2014/02/all-branding-is-about-sex/


Why is Branding like Sex

Why is branding like sex? The answer is simple. The best brands in the world are the ones that get their customers laid, the brands that make their customers feel like they have life by the balls. Your brand doesn’t come exclusively from you. Your brand has to include the...


Podcast: The 3 Big Questions Your Business Needs to Answer when Building Your Brand

Deb was recently interviewed by Tim Hamilton for the new Praxent Commanding Business podcast — listen to it for a mini branding MBA, Sol style! Listen to the podcast in iTunes Commanding Business Podcast by Tim Hamilton, CEO of Praxent EP018: The 3 Big Questions Your Business Needs to Answer...