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There is no summer vacation in marketing

How I learned to turn the summer doldrums into my secret weapon by Sara Breuer  Summer can be a tough time for getting anything done in marketing and sales. Entire weeks seem to be off limits for both generating leads and closing deals, not to mention getting approval on ANYTHING....


All branding is about sex

There, I said it.   This statement isn’t just provocative; it tells you nearly everything you need to know about brand strategy.   Brands delivering bigger, badder, longer, faster, sweeter, softer, tastier benefits are nothing if they don’t help get your customers laid.   If you want long-term leadership in your...


Abila: a story that inspires possibilities

Spinning off and rebranding a market-leading brand presents opportunities—and challenges. When Sage Nonprofit Solutions, the nonprofit software solutions division of Sage Group, was sold to a private equity firm, the company needed a new brand identity. They also needed to keep their robust business intact while developing a brand platform...