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Hunting the energy vampires in your life

Have you ever felt like another person was just sucking the life out of you? Have you felt bored, annoyed, stressed, anxious, threatened or overwhelmed in another’s presence?  Have you had negative thoughts about that person that make you feel even worse?  (Oy! The guilt!)  Maybe you’ve even experienced the...


Graciously accepting an apology

One of my recent posts was about making apologies.  Within days of launching that post, a loved one perpetrated a small wrong against me for which he made amends.  Armed with my instructional blog post, he tendered a brave and heart-felt apology, which I felt woefully unprepared to appropriately acknowledge...


6 keys to building brand swagger

I always tell clients to answer the following questions to figure out what’s at the top of their brand pyramids: What does it say about a person (a customer, a user) that he or she uses/wears/drinks/eats/lives your brand? The answer to this question lies in how your product/brand addresses someone’s...