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What is a Brand Personality?

Brand Personality

Branding is, in a lot of ways, the act of creating expectations for how you will interact with your customers. Like an individual’s personality can give you clues into what interacting with him or her will be like, a brand’s personality sets the expectation for what you’ll experience as a...


Your brand comes from your customers, not you

By Deb Gabor When people imagine our job as a branding agency, they usually picture a marketing whiz sitting in a closed off boardroom, brainstorming and crafting a perfect brand. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is, branding doesn’t come from your company or from an agency...


Podcast: The 3 Big Questions Your Business Needs to Answer when Building Your Brand

Deb was recently interviewed by Tim Hamilton for the new Praxent Commanding Business podcast — listen to it for a mini branding MBA, Sol style! Listen to the podcast in iTunes Commanding Business Podcast by Tim Hamilton, CEO of Praxent EP018: The 3 Big Questions Your Business Needs to Answer...


The shoe fetish continues

$11,629.29. That’s not what I owe in payments on my car.  Nor is that my Central Austin property tax bill. That’s how much money I’ve spent on shoes at in the past 10 years. About a year ago, I did a blog post about my love for Zappos. Since...