Author: Shaina Forman

Podcast: The 3 Big Questions Your Business Needs to Answer when Building Your Brand

Deb was recently interviewed by Tim Hamilton for the new Praxent Commanding Business podcast — listen to it for a mini branding MBA, Sol style! Listen to the podcast in iTunes Commanding Business Podcast by Tim Hamilton, CEO of Praxent EP018: The 3 Big Questions Your Business Needs to Answer...


The secret to targeting millennials: DON’T

Today’s marketers have pigeonholed millennials into a vast group of faceless, nameless people. Let’s be honest: between the ages of 18 and 34, they range from living on Snapchat to buying houses. Who truly thinks you can target consumers across so wide a spectrum? Please help our session make it...


5 marketing lessons from your first day at school

By Shaina Forman The smell of a freshly-opened package of notebook paper… the grinding sound of the pencil sharpener… sightings of glittery Lisa Frank pocket folders strewn across the classroom… Excitement and uncertainty of what lies ahead for the year is racing through your mind. Lessons you learned from all...