Author: Deb Gabor

When Political Parties Fail at Brand Basics

USA flag on dark leather background

The brands of both major US political parties are broken. Both parties crafted brands that have revealed that they’re out of alignment with their constituents.  The fact that so many pollsters and pundits were wrong reveals that voters hid their true intentions. Democrats made too many assumptions and suffered. Many...


A Blast from the Past

Check out this throwback from February 2014. Well before Deb decided to write her book, Branding Is Sex: Get Your Customers Laid and Sell The Hell Out of Anything. Did we see the future?


Why is Branding like Sex

Why is branding like sex? The answer is simple. The best brands in the world are the ones that get their customers laid, the brands that make their customers feel like they have life by the balls. Your brand doesn’t come exclusively from you. Your brand has to include the...


Nuni Toaster

Does the world need another kitchen appliance? What about a toaster that can prepare multiple, hot tortillas in under a minute? Find out why we don’t need more solutions in search of problems on this episode of Surviving the Startup Podcast, Nuni Toaster, with host Marc Amazon and special guest Sol CEO, Deb...


The One Thing ALL Your Clients Want

Listen in as Deb drops some “value bombs” in this episode of EO Fire Nation podcast (1447: “The one thing ALL your clients want with Deb Gabor”). You’ll get a glimpse into her life as a CEO and her journey getting there. Hear about everything from her worst entrepreneurial moment, to...



Ladies, listen up! Will this new line of underwear change fashion forever? Today, women want to embrace their authenticity and be proud of their shape rather than using compressive undergarment alternatives. Does Bumbrella have what it takes to give women the confidence to love the body they’re in? Listen to...


Erase Your Bad Social Media History

Ever wish you could go back in time and tell yourself NOT to post that embarrassing or inappropriate photo? Today, employers are adding social media pages to the screening criteria for jobs. Does Get Suitable have the “secret sauce” to erase negative or inappropriate posts from your past and prevent...


The Grueling Truth about Sports

Figure out why you need to differentiate yourself in order for your startup to survive. What does your startup provide that customers can’t get anywhere else? Listen to this week’s episode of Surviving the Startup Podcast, “The Grueling Truth About Sports”, with host Marc Amazon and special guest Sol CEO,Deb Gabor. Give this one...


What is a Brand Personality?

Brand Personality

Branding is, in a lot of ways, the act of creating expectations for how you will interact with your customers. Like an individual’s personality can give you clues into what interacting with him or her will be like, a brand’s personality sets the expectation for what you’ll experience as a...