Monthly Archive: December 2014

The shoe fetish continues

$11,629.29. That’s not what I owe in payments on my car.  Nor is that my Central Austin property tax bill. That’s how much money I’ve spent on shoes at in the past 10 years. About a year ago, I did a blog post about my love for Zappos. Since...


Beloved brands around the world: The brand called Santa

You may know what the most beloved brands in the world are, especially because they are, by definition, super popular. Walt Disney, Yahoo (still!), Google, Sony, Nestle, Auchan, Netflix, Whole Foods, Apple and Lowe’s made the top 10 last year. But a brand that’s been popular for the past 100...


What it means that content is (still) king

With the explosive growth in the interest and need for content in marketing, the old adage has taken on new meaning. No longer is it okay to cut and paste bloodless brochure and web copy for “all your marketing needs,” or ignore content marketing entirely in favor of paid advertising...