Monthly Archive: August 2014

Pleasure reading for the marketing professional

By Noah Krell Personally, I can’t remember the last time I read a book for pleasure (mom if you’re reading this, I can feel you cringing). I know this isn’t a completely uncommon problem amongst millennials (with our screens), but I also know that it’s an avoidable one, and one that’s important to...


There is no summer vacation in marketing

How I learned to turn the summer doldrums into my secret weapon by Sara Breuer  Summer can be a tough time for getting anything done in marketing and sales. Entire weeks seem to be off limits for both generating leads and closing deals, not to mention getting approval on ANYTHING....


The Solutions Epidemic

My one-woman campaign against the most overused word in marketing copy. by Deb Gabor  What do you think is the most overused word in technology marketing copy? Scalable? Reliable? Proven? Nope. It’s solution.  The word solution is everywhere in today’s technical marketing copy.  It’s an epidemic.  And I admit, I’ve contributed to the...